A site installer is a tool which enables you to pick the most appropriate script-driven app for your new Internet site in accordance with its purpose. In contrast to a script installer which only allows you to set up a specific app with a couple of clicks, a website installer provides you with more choices to select a script which will satisfy your requirements in terms of the kind of site that you wish to build without researching in advance what each individual script is best suited for. In case you are not very tech-savvy, this kind of a software tool shall save you time and work and will permit you to create a beautiful, fully-functional website in just seconds, to enable you to start adding your content through the script admin area. That way, you can build your web presence without any hassle and have the website that you want immediately - a web-based store, an image gallery, a blog, etc.

Website Installer in Hosting

All hosting solutions that we offer feature a website installer. The software tool has a very intuitive interface, so setting up your Internet site shall be quite simple even if you have never had a hosting account before. It takes 3 basic steps to have your site working - pick your domain name, pick the sort of website - CMS, blog, wiki, e-commerce, etc., pick the login details for the script and you're done. We have countless beautiful themes that you'll be able to pick from on the second step and you shall see the appropriate ones depending on what function you have chosen for the site, so you can have a unique site immediately. The instrument along with all themes that are available inside the hosting CP come by default with each and every package and at no additional cost, so you can save a lot of cash on web design services and still have a professional website.